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Chapter 1: First Day Back

Behind the Bush Paperback - Now available."It was the first day back at work after the Events. I wasnít ready, but I needed to work and more importantly Ė I needed money. That was why I chose nightshifts. Another reason was my chronic insomnious disorder. Doctors told me it was a result of post-traumatic stress. Quite frankly, I donít know if that was the reason, but I couldnít sleep at night for weeks. I would just take forty winks during the day, and that was all. Surprisingly, I wasnít sleepy, but I didnít know what to do with all that time and with myself. I was also advised that it was better to take it slow at first, and Monday nights in Washington D.C. werenít very busy for cabbies." [More...]

Although we don't mind you reading "Behind the Bush" online, nothing beats good old paperback (for only $16.99).

If a woman, wanted by the US Secret Service, asked you to help her, would you do it?
What if she was gorgeous and innocent? After all, she only did something that millions of Americans do. Years ago Linda Sears had an affair with a married man. His name was George Bush.
Would you help her?

Behind the Bush is an account of real events delivered as an intriguing and at times disturbing political thriller. Two journeys discover the world of international intrigue, secret societies and covert intelligence operations. Instead of being yet another conspiracy theory the storyline discovers a sophisticated web of multinational companies (Microsoft, News Corporation, General Dynamics, Dupont, Dynacorp, Monsanto, E-Systems, Elf, etc.), public relations agencies (Barbour Griffith and Rogers, Edelman, Rudder and Finn, First International Resources, etc.) politicians (Bush, Chirac, Clinton, Giuliani, Gore, Mitterrand, Putin, Rumsfeld, etc) and criminal groups that is almost entirely unexplored by the media, analysts and historians.
Read it, and news will never be the same.

A simple cab ride quickly turns into a getaway from Secret Service agents culminating in a shocking twist that will make you rethink your understanding of modern politics, international relations and Western democracy. [Read more]

Paperback book 340 pages, 6" x 9", perfect binding
eBook (PDF) DRM free (1785 kb)
eBook (Mobipocket) DRM protected for up to 4 devices (318 kb)

Category: History/Historical Fictions

ISBN: 978-1-4303-2152-1

Publisher: / Mobipocket / B Smart Publishing
Rights Owner: Bob Smart
Copyright: © 2007-2011 Creative Commons Public License - Attribution - Non Commercial - Share Alike 3.0 Australia (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0).
Language: English
Country: United States/Australia
Library of Congress Control Number: 2007907463


An utterly believable conspiracy. Amazing!   (Mobipocket)

This is an excellent and totally original story. I'm still trying to determine if this is fiction or real stuff! I didnít guess what was going to happen at the end at all, it was a complete surprise. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a slightly different (and truthful) slant on world politics. All in all, a thoroughly good read, and excellent stuff.

What cameos from this book would say if they read it:

HilariousÖ if it wasnít so close to the truth. Somehow presidential blow jobs always end up with thousands of civilians killed. Suddenly dead kittens and masturbation donít sound all that bad.
Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State seeking suitable interns, and former first lady

Equally Anti-Bush and Anti-Clinton. Equally truthful and as astonishing as my reporting.
Christiane Amanpour, CNN Chief International Correspondent and the wife of James Rubin, former Chief Spokesman for the US State Department, famous for distancing herself from him at work and in bed

Wow, Iím not the only one who didnít have sex with that woman.
Bill Clinton, Former President of the United States of America and saxophone player

We wonít be publishing this and you wonít be reading about this book in any of News Corpís press, not because we are biased or against freedom of speech, but because we are obliged to protect the dignity of the arts.
Rupert Murdoch, News Corporation Founder, Chairman and CEO; and supporter of the rich and powerful

The easiest way to prove that this book is full of vaporware is the fact that my business partner, Paul Allen, is still a virgin!
Bill Gates, Founder and Former CEO of Microsoft and the nerdiest bully in the world

For the first time I feel blessed that my son George Bush Junior cannot read.
George H. W. Bush, Former President of the United States of America and father of George W. Bush



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Press clipping: Woman Who Filed Sex Based Lawsuit Against President George W Bush Dead

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Unfortunately, I am still emotionally and financially devastated and although I could prove most of the facts from the story, I cannot afford litigations, especially when some names and details have been intentionally changed to protect the individuals involved. Hence, the following disclaimer:
This is a work of fiction. Characters, corporations, institutions and organizations mentioned in this novel are either the product of the author's imagination or, if real, used fictitiously without any intent to describe actual conduct.
Bobisco, September 2007.